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For Inosolo your wedding album is the story of your day, a reportage photography which aims to capture unrepeatable moments. Inosolo shoots in an unobtrusive reportage style, watching and recording the day as it unfolds.Read More

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Workshop. Reflex Camera.

Workshop. Reflex Camera.28 January 2015

Make the most of your Digital SLR Camera.
Categories/s: Miscellaneous 

Do you have a SLR Camera and do not know how to use it properly? This photography workshop will come perfect for you, you will learn how to get the most out of your camera.

If you always use your SLR camera on automatic mode, you are afraid about using it on manual… or do not get the photos that you expect, this is your workshop !! I'll help you !!

It will be a workshop of eight people, you will learn the four basic concepts of photography, and how they relate to each other, and from there I will forewarn you get a good photo, you will not let the camera think your photos, you will think them as you want them. I will show examples and do exercises.

The price will be 48€ , and you have to bring your camera SLR. It will be Saturday February 28 in the morning, start at 09.00h, we will take a break around 11.30h, and finish at 14.00.

If you want more information or want to sign up, you can write to, or call me at 876 012 578.


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