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For Inosolo your wedding album is the story of your day, a reportage photography which aims to capture unrepeatable moments. Inosolo shoots in an unobtrusive reportage style, watching and recording the day as it unfolds.Read More

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Wedding at Soto de Bruil

Wedding at Soto de Bruil31 October 2016

Begoña and Borja Wedding
Categories/s: Wedding photography 
Begoña and Borja, began as girlfriend and boyfriend on July 2, 2016 to end the day as husband and wife. Always smiling, of course!
Nerves, laughter, running down the corridor, Shake (the dog) trying to go unnoticed… At Borja´s home were a contained breathed calm. Begoña also got dressed at her parents' house, sheltered by them and her best friend, Bea, anyone like her to share those moments! It was a great day full of emotions, and ended with a big party with flamenco group included!
These photographs are a sample of what happened that July 2, thank you guys for choosing us for your wedding photos and letting us being part of that day!
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