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For Inosolo your wedding album is the story of your day, a reportage photography which aims to capture unrepeatable moments. Inosolo shoots in an unobtrusive reportage style, watching and recording the day as it unfolds.Read More

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Wedding at Santa Ana.

Wedding at Santa Ana.09 March 2018

Cristina and Jesus Wedding day.
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I remember that wedding day as if it were today. I remember enjoying with them every moment of that day; get excited with them, live every moment as a witness to that admiration and love between them.

It was a morning wedding that was held almost a year ago, in one of our favorite wedding venues, Villa Sana Ana. Cristina got dressed in her parents' house and I have to say that there were very exciting moments. Laura Arregui was in charge of Cristina's makeup and hairdressing, you will see how beautiful she left her. Her wedding dress were designed and made by Marta Marti, it was spectacular, and to finish with the details, the bridal bouquet was Nacho Bergara’, super nice! Of course, I am not going to forget Jesus and his family, who trusted Eva Pellejero to leave them ready for the big day.

From this wedding, I remain with the constant joy, with the eyes of Cristina and the smile of Jesus, with the look of the mother of the bride and with the hugs of the mother of the groom, with the delivery of the bouquet and with the children protagonists of so many moments, with that train of flowers, and of course ... with the party that was mounted!


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