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Communion28 January 2019

Holly Communion Photo Shoot in Studio
Categories/s: Communion Studio Session Baby 

We have everything ready at the studio to start with Communion photoshoots. We have been working with children for many years, from babies, to those who are around their 10, and the truth is that we love working with them, they are fun, natural, spontaneous, and that is what we want to capture in the photographs we take.

When we do a Communion reportage, the most important thing for us is that the boy or girl has a good time, and shows themselves as they are. Our idea of ??this type of sessions is to get away from the most classic reportage, and we try to make each child as natural as possible.

These shoots are usually done in the studio, although if you want to do it outdoors, there is also that possibility. During the photo session, we will take pictures with the Communion clothes, and we will also take advantage of taking pictures with more informal clothes, even if it is the case in which the older brothers or little ones go to the session, we will also share with them ( They love it!), And if you would like to have a family photo ... this will be a good time to do it.

With those photographs you can choose to make different types of albums, there are little ones and some bigger, we can even prepare printed photos to be able to deliver to the family. We recommend you to do the this session at least two months in advance, so for that day we will have everything ready and avoid last minute rushes!

If you want to see more examples of communion photographs that we have done in previous years, you can see them here. If you like them, and want to know more about how these photoshoots, do not hesitate to contact us from here!

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