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Photoshoot with your favourite person.

Photoshoot with your favourite person.25 February 2019

Categories/s: Family Studio Session 

Photography is magic. The power it has to stop time, to make an instant, with that person, and in that place, last forever. We all have a special person in our life, and why not do a photo session with her/him?

If we stop to think, why do we take photographs? Many of the answers we give will be; to see them and remember that day, those vacations, that birthday, that day with him or her that made everything change then, to remember that person who gives us so much, with whom we have so much complicity … Lots of different answers , but all, with the final idea of ??the memory.

That is why I have thought of offering you different photo sessions, a photo session with your favorite person, in a special place for you. A photo session with your grandfather, with your friend from the school from which you have not separated since then, with your brother, with that friend who understands you like nobody else. A photo session in a place that is yours, in your favorite coffee shop, in your house, in that bench where you spent your afternoons eating pipes, in that park where you take him for a walk every day ...

If you want to have a photo session with that special person for you, do not hesitate to write us and we will inform you. Tell us who is your favorite person, and what is that special place where you want to take photos, we will explain a little how we can do that photo session and if we convince you ... we will only have to look for a day and an hour to get together and ... have fun!

Thanks for reading! Arantxa

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