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Thanks to all!

Thanks to all!26 December 2012

This is the last post this year
Categories/s: Studio Session Miscellaneous Pregnancy Baby Wedding photography Trash the dress Engagement Shoot 

Hi all! This is the last post of the year, I would not want to get too sappy but ... I will do it, just a little!

I want to dedicate this last blog post to all those who have trusted me, who have taken an interest in my work, which from the first visit in the study gave me a huge ok, which you wrote emails or sent me messages saying thank you, to those who thought of me in your honeymoon, and visited me by surprise, and lots of more things… But mostly I honestly want to thank your closeness, your treatment and fidelity, which always made ??me feel to be one of you, one of your family.

It has been a year of hard work, enthusiasm and above all, of satisfaction, that would not have been possible without all of you. One more time, thanks so much! I wish you all the best for the new year!

A big kiss to all!



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